Recovering hidden detail from large WW1 era portait

WW1 army officer
The chemicals used in developing this large WW1 era portrait had deteriorated over time, the photo had also been hand tinted covering the original details. Due to the chemical process originally used we were able to employ our new deep scan process to recover an amazing level of hidden detail underneath the painted elements. This valuable picture of one of our World War One heroes has been recovered and saved for future generations.
recovered detail from WW1 era picture

Fixing stained, damaged old paper documents

fixing damaged paper document
stained, creased old telegram message
A good example here of how our photo restoration techniques can be applied to other items such as this old paper document. This piece of family history – a vintage telegram – has suffered stain and crease damage and the dog-eared edges have deteriorated. We were able to extract the important information from the old paper and sensitively restore this document – including recreating the missing text at the bottom.

Extract a person from an old group photograph

old group shot
Sometimes a nice photo of a person on their own doesn’t exist. In this instance we can extract someone from a group photo to make a new picture of them by themselves. This is exactly what we did here. A section of the photo was cropped and enlarged. The girls head at the bottom was painted out along with the people either side. Luckily there was enough background available to use existing elements to remove the unwanted people.
woman extracted from group photo