COVID-19 temporary changes

We are still trading! However, please note the following temporary changes during the current coronavirus pandemic:

Updated: 3rd August 2020

NO in-person drop-offs to our premises.
Due to shielded people at our premises and the spike in cases in Bradford, we still cannot deal with customers in person. Please use the post or a courier service – if it is safe for you to do so. Alternatively, we can work from a scan if the quality is good enough.

NO Priority Service
Due to the uncertainty, we cannot guarantee a 1 working day service in full. However, as orders have declined a bit, our normal service is swifter.

Delay returning your original photos
We need to limit Post Office visits, so your photos may take a few extra days to be returned.

Possible delay with new photo prints and canvases
Our Photolab is operating with a reduced staff, so there may be an extra days delay in processing large print orders or poster prints.

We greatly appreciate your custom during these trying times and hope we can remain in business. Please stay safe and exercise due caution if leaving the house to post photos.

Thank you.
Owner, 2graphic Photo Restoration