Is it safe to send you my photos?

We’d like to think so. In 13 years of trading we’ve NEVER had any original photos get lost in the post or damaged or misplaced in our care. That’s not to say it couldn’t happen but the chances are very low. The worst we’ve had is new prints damaged in the post – which were easily reprinted. On the odd occasion a photo has been creased in the post due to the customer not using any card.

We rely on Royal Mail in receiving and returning your photos. They are not infallible and there is a very small chance of items getting lost which is why we recommend using their Signed for™ or Special Delivery™ services.

Likewise we take great care of your photos whilst in our possession and have NEVER had any issues. But like anyone else we are at risk to forces beyond our control and so any items sent to us are at your own risk.