Gift Ideas for Christmas

If you’re looking for something a bit different in a gift idea this Christmas perhaps we can help. Here are some ideas for unique presents.


Restoring a Photo

A restored photo makes a great gift. It might be a treasured picture that’s showing signs of wear; years of being stuck in a wallet or perhaps in a frame in the window where the sunlight has faded it. You might have unearthed a forgotten photo from a dusty attic that’s faded and creased and in need of some TLC.


Enlarging a Photograph

Why not “supersize” a favourite photo! With our specialist hardware and software we can scan your picture to capture every last bit of detail and then enlarge it. We can fix all the tiny flaws, that have become bigger flaws, before enhancing and printing a larger print. You can then frame it to make a lovely present for someone – or have a look at our alternative framing options for something really special.


Colouring a Black and White photo

A lot of older photos are in Black and White or sepia tone. We can digitally colour tint them to create a colour photograph adding new life to that old picture. This is a popular gift idea and a great way to surprise someone with a unique present this Christmas.


NEW: Photos into Paintings

We take your photo, enhance it and then manipulate it in the computer to look like an oil painting, watercolour or hand drawn sketch. Our specialist software and a powerful computer calculates 20,000 brush strokes in a couple of seconds to create a realistic hand painted effect – with some expert guidance to tailor the brush style, colour palette, texture, lighting, etc. The finished “work of art” can then be printed onto canvas or fine art paper to make a wonderful present. More details and prices to follow.