Help and Frequently Asked Questions

Can you restore my photo?

We can’t say for sure without seeing the photo first. The vast majority of photos can be restored, it depends whether the amount of damage means the cost will be too much for you. If key detail isn’t there – faces or eyes – and you don’t have another photo we can use to add those elements from then it’s unlikely your photo can be mended. If one eye is clear we can usually use that to recreate the other one – particularly if the subject is facing full on. If the photograph is faded so much you can’t make it out then it may be beyond recovery.

How much does it cost?

Each photo is different. We need to see your photo in order to assess it and give you a quote. Our Prices page can give you more guidance along with prices for prints, poster prints and canvas prints.

Why does it cost so much?

Photo restoration work is very labour intensive as each small (and not so small) flaw has to be painstakingly painted out.  The cost is related to the time one of our restoration artists will spend fixing your photograph.  Things that increase the time needed are:

  • The amount of damage
    • One clean tear is much quicker to fix than a heavily scuffed or spotted photo.  The greater the area of damage then the harder it is to fix as there are less “good” areas we can use in repairing the “bad” areas.
  • The level of detail in the photo
    • A large group photo is going to have much more detail than a single head shot and need more time to repair.  Also strong patterned clothing, like a gingham dress, will require more meticulous work.
  • A high level of enlargement
    • The more a photo is enlarged then the more any tiny flaws become noticeable.
  • A high amount of fading
    • As we enhance the contrast to revive faded detail then any flaws are also enhanced.  This results in a photo with more damage than you may initially think.
  • The size of the original
    • The bigger the photo then the more there is to work on.  The restoration prices on our site are for a small to medium sized images.

Our restorers are perfectionists and aim to provide a high quality product.  We’d like to think our prices are competitive. You may find a company that will give you a lower price but the end result will more than likely be lower quality with crudely airbrushed in detail.  Don’t your precious photos deserve the best?

How long will it take?


We aim to email you a quote within 1 working day of receiving your photo. If you’ve not heard from us within a couple of days then please get in touch. It may be we have your email address wrong or our email has gone into your SPAM folder by mistake.


Current times are displayed on our home page and depend on our workload and staffing. This can be from 3 to 8 working days. Times are from receiving your approval of the quote to emailing you a proof.

Priority Service

We offer a next working day priority service at 40% extra. However this may be withdrawn in extreme circumstances depending on staffing or workload levels.

Finished Photos

Your prints and/or finished digital copy will be sent the next working day (or sometimes the same day) once your payment has cleared. For large format prints please allow for up to 3 working days production time.

Can I send you my photograph?

Yes of course. Feel free to forward your photos to us. If you are posting your photograph then please send us a quick email and we’ll look out for it coming.

What are your opening hours?

We usually operate from 09:30 to 17:30.

We are closed on Bank Holidays. Any other closures will be announced by a note at the top of each page.

As a small company sometimes we’re not always available to take phone calls. If you’re unable to get through then please leave a message and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Likewise we ask you arrange a mutually convenient time before visiting us with your photo.

Is it safe to send you my photos?

We’d like to think so. In 13 years of trading we’ve NEVER had any original photos get lost in the post or damaged or misplaced in our care. That’s not to say it couldn’t happen but the chances are very low. The worst we’ve had is new prints damaged in the post – which were easily reprinted. On the odd occasion a photo has been creased in the post due to the customer not using any card.

We rely on Royal Mail in receiving and returning your photos. They are not infallible and there is a very small chance of items getting lost which is why we recommend using their Signed for™ or Special Delivery™ services.

Likewise we take great care of your photos whilst in our possession and have NEVER had any issues. But like anyone else we are at risk to forces beyond our control and so any items sent to us are at your own risk.

Will you return my original photos?

Yes of course. Any photos that are sent to us are returned, unless specifically stated not to. If you don’t want to go ahead with the work after receiving our quote or you’re not happy with the work and want your original returning, we will. Return postage is charged at cost.

Can I drop my photo off at your office?

Yes. If you live in, or close to, Bradford (West Yorkshire) you’re welcome to deliver your photo in person but please get in touch to make an appointment first so we can ensure someone’s available.

What payment methods do you accept?

Once you’re happy with the restoration work you can make your payment. The proof email will have full details of how to pay. You can pay by:

Bank Transfer

Using BACS or Faster Payments, with the latter payments clear within a couple of hours

Credit / Debit Card

Instant online payments through PayPal. For International customers PayPal handles currency conversion to £ GBP.

Cheque, Postal Order or Cash

“Old school” payments sent to our address – made payable to 2graphic.

Can you repair the original ‘physical’ photograph?

Sorry no. We only offer digital photo restoration and repairs are done in the computer.

I don’t live in the UK, can you still work on my photo?

Yes by all means. We’ve carried out restoration work for customers across the globe: America, Brazil, Turkey, Germany, Ireland and many more. You can send your photo by International post or email a good scan. We use PayPal to handle payments who will take care of any currency conversion.

My photo is stuck to the glass frame, can you mend it?

Yes. We can scan the photo through the glass and then repair it – even if the glass has broken! Please note we won’t be able to remove the original from the frame. See our section on glass adhesion for more info.

Can you add someone in from another photo?

Yes our photo manipulation techniques enable us to isolate a person from a separate photograph and add them to another. How realistic it will look depends how closely the two photos match. We can correct them to a certain extent but if the lighting is too different then the end result will look “off” i.e. if one photo is taken with a flash and the other has strong shadows.

Can you fix a really large print?

Yes. If the image is too large for our scanners then we can scan in sections and stitch it together. This means we can repair very large prints. The restoration price would increase according to the size of the original and/or size of the required mended image. We can provide large format/poster prints too.

Why are there two P&P charges on my quote?

We break orders into two parts – Restoration Order and Print Order. If you’ve sent a photo to us then there is a P&P (postage and packing) charge to return this. If you want photographic prints then there is also a P&P cost for these. New prints are sent directly to you from our Print Lab – this is at a different location hence the separate P&P cost. The print P&P is a flat rate regardless of the number of prints or sizes.