How our restoration service works

Your photograph is scanned in and digitally repaired in the computer by one of our photo restoration artists. We use Photoshop along with custom plugins and professional scanning software. Your original will be returned “as-is” and new lab photographic prints provided – if required. A digital copy of the finished photo will also be emailed.

1. Send us your photo

We need to see your photo to assess it and work out how much time it will take us to fix – and therefore how much it will cost. If you’d like a rough estimate before deciding to send your photo you can email us a photo of your photo or a quick scan. If you can get a good quality, high resolution scan we can work from that.
Sending your photos       Our pricing

2. We’ll assess your photo and email you a quote

Once we’ve received your photo we’ll scan it in and assess it. We’ll take into account any enlargement that’s required and special requests. We aim to email quotes within 1 working day of receiving your photo. Please add to your “safe senders” list as sometimes our emails get incorrectly moved to spam folders.

3. Reply if you’re happy to go ahead, if not we’ll return your photo

If you’d like to accept the quote and place an order then just reply to our email so we have it in writing. If you don’t wish to go ahead then let us know, we’ll send details so you can pay for return postage of your photograph. We don’t ask for payment upfront for the restoration work. For bulk orders over £100 we’d restore one or two photos before requesting payment in full.

4. We’ll do the work and email a proof for you to check

After receiving the “go ahead” we’ll fix your photo and then send you an email so you can see it. This is usually around 4-5 working days for our normal service.

5. If you’re happy with the proof then make your payment

The proof email has details of how you can pay. You can pay by Card via PayPal (no account needed), Bank Transfer or send a cheque. Please note cheque payments take several days to clear. If you’re not happy with the work then let us know your concerns. If we still can’t correct it then you don’t have to pay for the work.
Our Guarantee       How you can Pay

6. We’ll return the original and any new photographic prints

Once your payment has cleared we’ll return your original, send your new prints and email the digital copy. PayPal and Faster Payments usually clear within a few minutes. Prints are usually sent within one working day.

If you have any questions on our service please see our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us.