Every photo is different. We need to assess your photograph in order to determine the cost to restore it. Prices to restore your photographs include high quality scanning and the finished image delivered by email.
If applicable, return postage of your original photo will be:
UK Signed For™ from £2.41 or, if requested, UK Special Delivery™ from £7.21.

Guide prices up to 7×5" size – enlargements and larger photos will be more

Quick Fix From   £6.00 Good condition
Basic From   £12.00 Fair condition
Intermediate From   £24.00 Mediocre condition
Advanced From   £48.00 Poor condition
Miracle From   £90.00 Very poor condition

You can email us a quick scan or photo of your photo and we can give you a rough estimate.

The restoration price is largely based on the amount of time it will take to restore. This depends on several factors & considerations:

Photo Size

A small photo won’t need as much work as a large one so the size of the photo or the amount of enlargement required is a factor. A big enlargement will enlarge flaws you wouldn’t normally see that will need attention.

Amount of Damage

The amount of the photo that is damaged. A clean tear will be simpler than a large amount of creasing and staining. Our main technique (to put it simply) relies on “painting” damaged parts with good areas. The less “good parts” the longer it will take.

Damaged Detail

The amount of detail in the damaged areas of the photo is a factor. A crease across a plain sky is straightforward. A tear across a large group picture is not. Damage to the eyes is particularly time consuming as they are a critical part where our view immediately goes when looking at someone.

Hidden Damage

Heavily faded photos require a large enhancement to revive the contrast. This also “enhances” any flaws and damage so there may be more work involved than initially thought. Often on faded colour photos the colour information is too damaged to revive so colour tinting work would be required.

Professional Photo Prints

All orders include free digital copies of your restored photos. We can provide you with lab quality photo prints and photos on canvas: