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Only a few days ago I sent 2 old photos of my late mum and dad to Gareth at 2graphic Photo Restoration. One of them was taken on their wedding day 80 years ago, and was torn and tattered. The other one was taken about 30 years ago, and I love it because although the foreground was a clutter of glasses and bottles, and the background was very dark, the image of my mum and dad’s faces are exactly how I remember them. My daughter is making a family tree for my granddaughter and grandson to go on their bedroom wall and asked me for a photo of my mum and dad so she could include it.

The proofs of the photos were emailed to me today – and they made me cry. The wedding photo has been beautifully restored, and in the more recent one the foreground and background have been removed, and I now have a wonderful head and shoulders shot of my parents on a lovely plain background. I am so happy that my grandchildren will be able to look at their great-grandparents every day – and especially to see the sparkle in my dad’s eyes, and the huge smile that endeared him to everyone throughout his life. Thank you Gareth for doing such a wonderful job.

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