Janet Webb

I am delighted once again with the finished results of the photo restoration you have undertaken for me. The coloured photo of my grandfather in his Boer War uniform is spectacular and will take pride of place amongst my family history collection when it is furnished with an appropriate frame. (I actually have an authentic Victorian frame in my collection that will fit) At the moment the frame is on my son’s Graduation photo, but will look much better on a photo of the same era as the frame.

Your work is second to none , in my opinion (and I have a real disaster to show you when I send it to you for correction in the near future) Some Firms advertise themselves as “professional restorers” when they really are not worthy of the title or amount of money they charge. I especially like the fact that you provide a “proof” before the finished article is approved. This is not something I have had offered before–and allowed me-this time-to correct the damaged photo of my great grandma. Thankyou again.

Janet WebbWarwick

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