Mark Lawlor

After losing my wife recently I was going through her things and saw the spare passport photos from a few years ago. It was a nice photo, a bit scatched and dog eared, but it was from before she had been ill. I thought that it was a pity it was so small as it would have made a nice keep sake if I could frame it, if only I could get it enlarged. Surely that can’t be possible without a negative I thought, so I googled the question and came across the 2graphic site. It seems that my luck was in as they claimed they could do just that and also remove scratches and blemishes.
I completed my order and sent them the photo. They have kept me informed all along through the process, sent me a sample, and within a few weeks I had a nice 10×8 and a 6×4 that I can frame. You would never know that they were from such tiny pictures, they are perfect and blemish free.
Thank you guys, you are miracle workers.

Mark LawlorNottingham

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