Four 55 year old wedding photos, all we had left. Gareth enhanced, tinted and enlarged all within a few days. A super quality job would recommend 2graphic Photo Restoration to anyone.


Thank you so much for restoring our photo – safely received along with the original. It looks amazing and Granny is very pleased! Many thanks for your help.

Keith Findlay

Thank you for such a great job restoring the old damaged photos from my wife’s side of the family from when they were in the Far East. Even the tiny thumbprint photo has been given a new lease of life, when it looked like it was beyond repair. The cracks in the others have been removed such that the new versions appear so vivid. My wife’s family is also really impressed. Many thanks for the excellent communication too. I would certainly recommend your service to others.

Alexandria Walker

Gareth, you are an absolute genius. I cannot believe how you have managed to recover this photo from so many ripped-up pieces. It is a very sentimental photo from when I was six years old, when I won a Christmas card competition at my Mothers workplace, out of several offices and departments all over the country. My card pictured was sent to all of the company customers that year. This photo was up in my grandparents home for years then I finally was given it to display in my own home. By sheer accident it was ripped into pieces, but you have miraculously managed to get it back to its original beautifil photo and it is just perfect again. Your communication and instructions were also commendable and very clear. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


Wow! This has just brought me to tears. I was expecting it to be good but this is far beyond my expectations. Thank you so much.