Peter Rowland

Congratulations! You’ve made a marvellous job of this. The colours are entirely natural and you’ve brought a rather fuzzy old black and white photograph fully back to life. An excellent and convincing piece of restoration. Many thanks!

Meriel Best

I am really happy with the work you have done and my family have been very impressed with the quality of the results.

Laura Gillanders

I received my photo this morning in the post and I must say I was truly touched by the results. I am beyond pleased and would like to thank you for the hard work and dedication that went into restoring my grandmother’s photo. Your outstanding customer care was much appreciated and I will be recommending your service to friends and family.

Lynn Carter

I cant thank you enough for the restoration work done. The 2 people in the photograph meant a lot to us and we were so disappointed with the state of the photograph, and we had resigned ourselves to the fact nothing could be done with it. My brother was amazed with how good it looked when I gave him his copy. Once again a BIG THANK YOU!!

Aisling McTiernan

I was very happy with the 2GRAPHIC’s work. They were very prompt in responding to my initial query. They communicated clearly with me through the process and the finished product was excellent. I really liked how I could see the finished product before I purchased it.